Be the Maestro of your Life - TEDx speaker

Orly Solomon


A lecture accompanied by songs

Orly Solomon started her career in France at the age of 7 as a Singer and Host of a TV Show. She has to leave regular school to home schooling and be ready for a life full of outstanding responsibilities for a girl her age. After five years under the spotlight as a child star, she had no more space left in the media. How do you take off again after such a great success, especially as a teenager, and how do you find the strength to keep on dreaming?

Years of hard work, perseverance, determination and willpower gave her the tools and the courage to take part in an audition and be chosen from thousands of artists to be part of the team of the Disney musical "The Lion King" in Germany and find back her self-esteem.

Convinced that everything is possible, her thirst for adventure leads her to Cuba, where she will discover her new musical identity and again the limelight and quickly become a local star. Life in Cuba is hard, but she learned to enjoy living with almost nothing but... joy of life! After several years, Orly feels the need to get close to her roots and go back to her native land, Israel, which she left at the age of one.

Four countries, four languages, four cultures, Orly learns how to adapt to the local atmosphere while at the same time continuing to challenge herself out of any comfort zone in order to achieve inner peace.

Orly, that owns the Guinness Record of the youngest TV Host was invited by TEDx Geneva to tell her story.

She shares with you the tools of success for inner enjoyment and pride and pushes you to extract the best of yourself. She manages to create a whole world of entertainment around her life story, in which her audience shares her experiences through the songs. A musical journey full of energy, emotions and joie de vivre.

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