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Yoram Porath



Yoram Porath – Film director 


Yoram Porath began his career as a photographer and writer for National Geographic. His documentary films were

screened in dozens international film festivals and won awards. Yoram’s work is distinguished by its concentration on human rights, political and environmental issues. It focuses upon the oppression of minority groups and their struggle to exist in a global society.


Romale – my life with the gypsies

During five years director Yoram Porath documented on film a remote Gypsy community in east Slovakia. The lecture is based on a unique experience of an outsider who succeeded to be accepted to a gypsy family. During that time he was exposed to the community's darkest secrets and learned about their isolation. The lecture is a cutting edge document of individual dreams verses realities, and a poetic shout for equality for the Gypsy People.
Lecture + film


Keepers of Eden


over three years filmmaker Yoram Porath documented the Huarani people and their struggle against Oil companies. During the production he worked “under cover” and was several times in high risk. Yoram will tell his story about living among the Huaoranies, a tribe of hunters gathers. The Huaoranies still hunt with blow-guns and spears and manifest one of the last pre colombian living cultures in the Amazon Basin.

Lecture + film

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