The Nazi Hunter, A WWII Treasure Liberator

Yaron Svoray


The Nazi Hunter

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Such is the fascinating personal story of Yaron Svoray, a former police Detective who worked undercover in the American ATF (closely linked to the FBI) and who later on became an investigative – journalist
Svoray the son of Holocaust survivors infiltrated the neo-Nazi movement in Germany and was able to bring about the arrest of the movement’s leaders. His book detailing his life as a spy called “ In Hitler’s Shadow “ became an international bestseller and was turned into an HBO movie entitled : “The Infiltrator”
Yaron then went on to search and exposed a Nazi the war criminal Erich Privke who was hiding in South America
Yaron is an expert on Neo Nazi right –wing- terrorism who when not working on his WWEII treasure recovery projects travels the globe speaking to police organizations military unites and intelligence gathering organizations , he is a frequent guest on Radio and TV
Yaron lectures are informative, fascinating and insightful he stresses adhering to principles, creative thinking under pressure and the importance of never quitting even if the odds are against you


Yaron Svoray A WWII Treasure Liberator

Yaron Svoray has dedicated his life to searching, finding and recovering treasures hidden during WWII by the Nazis. Yaron, a former Police detective and an investigative journalist
Yaron became internationally known after his recovery of 40 uncut diamonds which were buried on the French German border during the War. His finding the diamonds became a History Channel movie called “Blood from a stone “. He and his international team of experts have for the last twenty years been finding and returning stolen treasure from all over finding boxes of forged Nazi money in an Austrian lake, a jewelry collection in Poland, a Nazi safe deposit box in Germany and much more. All of the recovered treasures are returned to their rightful owners or are given to museums and holocaust study centers around the world
Currently Yaron and his team are working with “National Geographic” on a TV series detailing his latest efforts of recovering 450 kilos of gold dumped in a German lake
Yaron’s lectures are fascinating and exciting, audiences often compare his stories to watching an adventure movie, but in his case all of it is true.
In his talks Yaron stresses the importance adapting quickly to changing realities the importance of team work and most importantly to never ever quit when you know that you have found a truth which must be uncovered.

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