lectures on exotic destinations in the world

Moshe Poyastro


Vietnam - Old and the new in perfect harmony

A fascinating journey into a country that until the seventies was immersed in a brutal war with the United States. Mixture of old and new, wealth and poverty, wild nature and crowded cities meet us in our journey in this country.

Sri Lanka – The pearl of the Indian Ocean

In a place that was immersed in a twenty years civil war, a thriving tourism industry is now being developed along ith diverse Western investments. Jungles, elephants, rich culture, diverse history and spectacular coasts meet us

on our journey to a wonderful island that lies about 60 km of the southern coast of India


Maldive Islands - Paradise on Earth

The islands Republic sinking slowly beneath the sea, is considered one of the most special places and exotic resorts in the world. Luxurious hotels, beaches with snow- white sand, crystal clear turquoise waters and tiny pastoral islands are just some of the experiences in the journey to the largest resort in the world


Philippines - Countless islands, rice terraces and everything in between

Over 7,000 islands, 21 active volcanoes, the world's longest beach, crystal clear water, tropical climate, breathtaking reefs, spectacular underwater fauna, remote villages and UNESCO world heritage rice terraces, of the most beautiful in the world, are greeting us in the Philippines


South Africa - Not Just Safari - a two- lecture series

South Africa abounds diverse landscapes, fascinating cultures, unique history and plenty of animals.

In the first lecture we will go out on a journey to the eastern part of the country. We will start in Johannesburg and drive along the enchanting Panorama route to the Blyde river canyon. From there we will go on a safari in the huge Kruger reserve, the largest reserve in South Africa. We will continue on our way to the Drakensberg mountain range with its breathtaking landscapes, hike to waterfalls and cascades and end our journey visiting a Zulu tribe and the country’s’ historical battlefields

In the second lecture we will go on a journey to the western part of the country. We will start in Port Elizabeth and then continue to the Addo elephant park. We will drive along the romantic garden route that stretches along the southern coast of the country. We will Climb the cliffs and watch the waves crashing on the shores of Tzitzikama national park. We will visit picturesque seaside towns on our way to Cape Town, which is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We will go on a cable car to the top of Table Mountain, one of the seven wonders of the world, and from there continue on the picturesque coastline towns and mountain passes overlooking spectacular views on our way to the Cape of Good Hope . We will visit the famous penguin beach and share the beach with these special animals. Overlooking Cape Town from the top of the surrounding hills and tasting wines in wineries that are considered among the best in the world, will end our journey to this special part of the world

Costa Rica - Rainforests, volcanoes and remote villages

A country without an army that a large part of its territory is declared as national parks. 42 active volcanoes, endless rainforests, iguanas walking through streets, Thermo mineral springs, a horde of animals, some are of the most poisonous in the world and fine coffee meet us on our journey to the central America country of Costa Rica

Greece - Journey to the unknown of Greece

Greece is not just islands. Embarking on the Greek mainland hidden gems, pristine beaches, cliff-top monasteries, picturesque villages and glorious history


Laos – The place where time stood still

An exciting journey to a country where time stood still. Landlocked, Laos’s lifelines are the many rivers flowing within its borders. Forested limestone cliffs, spectacular waterfalls, river islands, remote villages and poverty meet us in the winding roads and rushing rivers in one of the world's poorest countries

Cambodia – Kingdom of temples

In this once glorious kingdom, which knew many upheavals throughout history, we will visit the mystical Angkor temples rising from the dense jungles, the most magnificent architectural achievements of mankind; we will visit the killing fields, walk the busy streets of the capital Phnom Penh and relax on wild jungle-covered islands

From vibrant Barcelona to the magical peaks of the Pyrenees

The magical Pyrenees mountain range lies on the border between Spain and France

will start our journey in the lively and bustling city of Barcelona, slowly making our way to the magical nature of We Catalonia and Aragon province. We will visit some of the world's most beautiful nature reserves, climb the sky high ridges, walk the alleys of medieval villages and dive into the azure waters of Costa Brava

 Moshe Poyastro

 personal trainer by profession. He holds a BA in Computer Science and an MBA. In his previous career, of 20 years, Moshe held project management and customer management positions in the high-tech industry. He lived and worked in California for 12 years and returned to Israel in 2007

Travelling the world , the discovery of places and cultures , wild nature and endless curiosity for exotic locations have always been a major part of his life. Over the years, Moshe traveled and discovered new places, landscapes that look like were taken from another world, customs, food, and especially people. People with different beliefs, different life and a different culture.

He shares his experiences with others through a series of lectures on exotic destinations in the world. The series contains lectures on destinations such as Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, South Africa, Costa Rica, Greece and more,

All lectures are based on personal experiences and include spectacular photographs taken by Moses during his trips. The lectures also include History, interesting facts, geography and a selection of fascinating stories about the local culture.


Another lecture series, a series of technology, includes technological lectures in a “down to earth" language. The series includes, among others, a lecture titled "Smartphone - Removing the fog". This lecture was developed from the realization of the difficulty that many people, especially older people, are experience in trying to understand operate and enjoy the many advantages offered by this technology


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